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Customer Relationship Management
At Astronea Technologies, we offer CRM solutions that help customers address a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas like
» Account management
» Campaign management
» Customer retention
» Call center interactions
At Astronea Technologies, we recognize CRM as a strategic initiative that transforms the way businesses function. We offer CRM services that help improvise strategies that maximize revenue, increase productivity and overall customer satisfaction.
The Technology practices we focus on solutions like SAP, Oracle and Siebel. Our understanding of customer business processes and expertise in key domains enables us to provide CRM solutions that meet their requirements. Our application implementation and customization services ensure on-time delivery of CRM Solutions.
These strategies are implemented through the selection of a right solution package, successful execution, change management, providing post go-live support and end user training.
Astronea Technologies helps in identifying the true benefits of a CRM solution with an understanding of the following:
» We create a fully integrated application that binds the customer, the business, and financial data sources together onto a single platform
» Our integrated multi-channel analysis helps us view the entire spectrum of customer activity
» We invest energy in modeling and forecasting, and set key performance metrics
» Our reporting is flexible and dynamic
» We build in interactive features that enhance understanding, support constant measurement and refinement of business practices
By leveraging our competencies we cater to enterprises giving them accessibility, ability to retain customers, personalized service offerings and, most importantly, launch and develop innovative customer-centric services and products.